Why MeetPro?

MeetPro is focused to solving a specific problem, without bloated features and functionalities you might never use. Advantages over similar products: Easy onboarding process Generous FREE plan, with 2 experts (most similar services feature a free plan with one expert). Simple,

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Contact us via the contact form or send us an email at support@meetpro.live

How do I sign in to the web app?

Go to https://app.meetpro.live and sign in with Google or with the account you set up during your registration.  

How to start

Go to https://app.meetpro.live/sign-up and sign up using Google or by filling up your details. When you confirm your email (not needed if you register via Google), you are expected to go through the onboarding process.  

What is MeetPro

MeetPro is a service that helps you expand your online business with easy-to-use appointment scheduling, video calling, and instant payments. Our goal is to help you expand your client base & save multiple hours every week, while keeping focused on


Schedule appointments, host video calls, and collect payments all in one place.


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Email: info@meetpro.live