Is there a transaction fee?

Our app does not charge any transaction fees. However Paypal, Braintree & Stripe charge fees based on your country.

What payment options do my customers have?

In your admin panel’s parameters, you can define which payment methods your customers should be able to select. There are currently three options available: Paypal Braintree Stripe If any of the above is chosen, your clients will be charged during

Do I get paid before a meeting?

Yes, with credit card payments (powered by Stripe, Paypal or Braintree) activated in your payment settings, your client is charged during the booking process and you immediately receive the money onto your payment gateway account. In case you want to

How do I receive payments?

While onboarding, you are asked to setup one or more payment gateways. You can add one later if you like. After completing the onboarding process, you can instantly start receiving payments through your selected gateways. Alternatively, you can add or

Schedule appointments, host video calls, and collect payments all in one place.


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