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Getting Started

MeetPro is a service that helps you expand your online business with easy-to-use appointment scheduling, video calling, and instant payments.

Our goal is to help you expand your client base & save multiple hours every week, while keeping focused on your work.

Go to

and sign up using Google or by filling up your details.

When you confirm your email (not needed if you register via Google), you are expected to go through the onboarding process.


Go to and sign in with Google or with the account you set up during your registration.


Contact us via the contact form or send us an email at

MeetPro is focused to solving a specific problem, without bloated features and functionalities you might never use.

Advantages over similar products:

  • Easy onboarding process
  • Generous FREE plan, with 2 experts (most similar services feature a free plan with one expert).
  • Simple, with just the essential features: Schedules, payments, calls
  • Easy to set expert schedule, on a weekly basis.


Static button with pop-up

You can easily integrate SchduleMate into any website.
It takes only a few minutes and all you need to do is copy and paste a few lines of code.

Copy the following lines of code and paste them to your website. Just remember to replace the bold link with your own personal booking link. You can also replace “Book Meeting” with you desired button label text.

<!-- Experts static button start -->
<link href="" rel="stylesheet">
<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>
<a href="" onclick="Experts.initStaticButton({ url: '' });return false;" style="cursor: pointer; font-family: Poppins; font-weight: 900; background-color: #00c6ff; color: white; padding: 0.8rem 2rem; border: 0px; box-shadow: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.15) 0px -2px 0px inset; border-radius: 4px; text-decoration: none; display: inline-block;">Book meeting</a>
<!-- Experts static button end -->


While onboarding, you are asked to setup one or more payment gateways. You can add one later if you like.

After completing the onboarding process, you can instantly start receiving payments through your selected gateways.

Alternatively, you can add or remove payment gateways using the admin’s ‘App Parameters’.

Details on how to set up a payment gateway:

Yes, with credit card payments (powered by Stripe, Paypal or Braintree) activated in your payment settings, your client is charged during the booking process and you immediately receive the money onto your payment gateway account.

In case you want to cancel or refund a payment, simply go to your Payment gateway dashboard and initiate it.

Alternatively, you can select ‘None’ to ‘Enabled payment options’ (in App Parameters) to receive payments through another way or choose not to receive payments at all.

In your admin panel’s parameters, you can define which payment methods your customers should be able to select. There are currently three options available:

  1. Paypal
  2. Braintree
  3. Stripe

If any of the above is chosen, your clients will be charged during the booking process and you will immediately get paid, with the money transferred to your payment gateway account.

If you set up more than one payment gateways, your customers will be able to choose one before paying.

Our app does not charge any transaction fees.
However Paypal, Braintree & Stripe charge fees based on your country.

Pricing & Support

Our integrated solution for scheduling, video call & payments will allow your business to grow, therefore, we will soon offer different pricing models based on your needs.

Starting from a free, two expert plan, you will soon see all our pricing plans on the Pricing page.


Web App

After completing the onboarding process, you can edit your profile.

By clicking ‘Profile’ on the app sidebar, you can upload your photo, alter your personal info and edit your professional info.

After signing in & click on “Get Started“.

If you are the admin, click on ‘Parameters

If you are an admin & expert, click on sidebar’s ‘Admin‘ and then ‘Parameters‘.

The following parameter categories are available for setting up:

  • General
  • Numbers
  • Payments
  • Specialties

When you first sign-in to the web app, you need to go through the onboarding process.

While onboarding, you are expected to

  • add some basic info about your business,
  • fill in your session duration, price & weekly availability or your experts’ login credentials,
  • add a payment gateway to start accepting payments instantly. Make sure you have your payment gateway credentials (API key etc) at hand. You can omit that step for later.

After the onboarding is complete, you get your personal booking link (if you are an expert) which you can share with your customers to instantly start accepting bookings.

The admin menu consists of the following options:

  • Dashboard: The main screen which consists of a statistics pane (totals) and an appointment & income chart
  • Appointments: A table of all experts’ appointments
  • Users: All app users
  • Parameters: Set the parameters of the app
  • Statistics: View statistics of all experts

Schedule appointments, host video calls, and collect payments all in one place.


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